GURPS Dungeon Fantasy

Sometimes you want an intricate fantasy setting that encourages roleplaying and characterization – one with lovingly detailed cultures and plots, enabling you to give each hero a past, a family, and a home town. Sometimes you want to use every rule, making the game richer and more realistic . . .

. . .and sometimes you just want to play a combat-monster warrior who stomps monsters and takes their stuff!

Many – perhaps most – gamers started out playing simple dungeon-crawl RPGs or hack n’ slash computer games. Some of us still recall that time fondly, but pretend to have “outgrown” it. But if you love the smell of fireballs in the morning, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy is for you.

The Dungeon Fantasy series reduces GURPS to the essential abilities and rules you need to create tough dungeon-delvers, equip them with awesome gear, and defeat monsters and traps to get even more awesome gear. It provides the GM with advice on how to pose challenges and keep things interesting without unbalancing the game or killing all the PCs (unless they deserve it!). And as the series grows, we’ll be adding new items that cover advanced characters and situations.

So choose a good, strong archetype like “barbarian” or “thief,” strap on your Accurate Orichalcum Broadsword of Smiting, stuff your potion belt with Great Healing Potions, and get with the program!

Dungeon Heroes